My passion for empowering women in the pursuit of a confident life was born from the lessons of my own journey, as well as countless conversations with friends and clients over the years, all revealing that women across the board are wrestling with the same thing. Regardless of age, class, relationship or professional status, we all want to show up unapologetically with purpose, confidence, courage and authenticity: To become more of ourselves, not less.



Through personal engagements, I work with clients on vision-casting, purpose, leadership, values and how to establish the confidence and courage both personally and professionally in order to experience the kind of life they were created for.

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  • One on one confidence and leadership coaching
  • 3-6+ months initial engagement (weekly/biweekly meetings – phone, in-person on request)
  • For clients seeking creativity over consistency – how to get unstuck!
  • Utilizing assessments and best practices customized to client’s greatest needs


Informed by research from leading authors and my personal experience as an executive and a coach, this workshop explores the key variables including biology, culture, upbringing and even geography that have historically kept women from realizing their dreams, and the practical steps you can take to pursue courageous action at work and in your personal life.

Offered in two formats (one-hour and half day) this workshop is highly interactive and covers a variety of activities and topics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore unhealthy mindsets and expectations that lead to lack of confidence
  • Expose daily habits that hinder risk-taking
  • Create understanding of how confidence and courage is created
  • Identify decision-making filters to prioritize your time
  • Practice changing everyday language (how you speak and write) to communicate with clarity and courage

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  • One-hour talk or half-day workshop
  • Available for 5-25 people
  • For clients interested in cultivating and leading with confidence and what it means to truly practice this
  • "The way Leslie presented the information and how she facilitated the discussion afterwards was brilliant. She challenged the simple definition of confidence I held onto and broadened my understanding of how important it is. Audiences ranging from young and eager, to older and wiser, would all benefit from hearing Leslie speak."

    Kay Lynn Mayhue
    President, Botsford Financial Group

  • "Leslie delivered her confidence talk to a room of over 45 women through my company’s “Lunch & Learn” program, and the impact was significant. I think of myself as a pretty confident person, but when we started talking about verbal ticks and how those could undermine the confidence you present outwards, I realized I really do have work to do in this area! I have retyped many, many emails since attending her talk."

    Sarah Crosier
    World50/The Riverbend Group

  • "Leslie’s confidence talk continues to resonate with my team and also with me personally. It opened a healthy dialogue where we now speak freely about our insecurities and support each other. As a team, we now challenge ourselves to get outside our comfort zone and the result has been a collective increase in confidence across the company."

    Jae Robbins
    President, Resource Branding & Design