Embracing Essentialism in 2018

“What is most essential to you?”

It may seem esoteric on the surface, but this is a super rich question from one of my favorite books of the last five years: Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I tell everyone about this book. I even begged my well-read business partner until he finally gave in, read it three times and actually implemented most of the book’s principles. Application is a lost art.

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Conflict – Good or Bad?

Working with a leadership team this week on team dysfunction, I’m struck by the way most people (specifically in the workplace) view conflict—arguably 8/10 have a negative perspective and would claim to avoid it. But what if the right kind of conflict delivers results? What are we missing when we don’t engage it?

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Development – the new currency.

Consider the following scenario: You have a rockstar employee with all the potential in the world. She’s willing to do anything for her job and actively pursues growth opportunities within the company. You’re a fabulously innovative workplace attracting world-class people. And yet, management styles are lacking and there’s nothing in place to mentor or develop the employees you have. Our girl has even offered to help create a professional development plan, but you’re too focused on your day-to-day responsibilities to consider this a worthwhile investment.

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What if failure was all in your mindset?

Most of us have considered how critical mindset is to our fulfillment and success. After all, what you think, you become. And while my inbox is inundated with daily emails on related topics, much of it leaves my head spinning with multiple how to’s and inspirational suggestions. Then I came across a rather profound, yet simple perspective, that I can’t quit thinking about.

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