While her business had always been focused on helping clients forge the best possible paths for their brands, her real passion was in the people and organizations themselves: the “why” of their work and how they functioned as individuals and teams to create results.

Her “aha” moment – initially inspired by motherhood and Brene Brown’s transforming read, Daring Greatly – ultimately led her away from the formal world of branding and forced her to consider for the first time where her purpose, passion and strengths came together.

Leslie left her executive position with an upscale branding agency and joined forces with her former business coach to form Capacity7, a boutique consultancy that partners with organizations in times of growth and transition to develop people-centered business strategies. She dove naturally and whole-heartedly into the work of helping organizations understand and tap into the value of their most important asset: their people.

Leslie speaks regularly to groups of women at businesses and organizations on the topic of confidence, challenging them to pursue an intentional, courageous life. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and 4-yr-old daughter, Grace, who teaches her something new about confidence and courage on a daily basis.